Florida Special Limits on Personal Property

Special Limits For Your Personal Property

Most people don’t realize or often think about the fact that the average homeowner’s policy will have limits on certain types of personal property. In general, some of the most common areas that have limited personal property coverage include items like jewelry, cash, precious and semi-precious stones, and firearms. I want to speak specifically first […]

Florida Car Rental Insurance

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Me While I’m Renting a Vehicle?

Very often we will get the question from clients about whether their auto insurance policy will provide coverage for them while they are in a rental vehicle. I generally always suggest that you have a specific conversation with your agent if there’s anything unique about the situation. The following is an explanation as relates to […]

Auto Insurance Rates in Southwest Florida

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Southwest Florida?

How much does auto insurance cost in Florida? There are many factors that go into the cost of auto insurance. Some of them are obvious and you could probably guess like driving record and age, violations, for example if you’ve had accidents, et cetera, all affect your premium. Some of the other things that affect […]