Insurance Protection for Hurricanes in Florida

Hurricane Insurance Policy FloridaFlorida is the single most prone US state to be susceptible to hurricane and tropical storm damage. These storms can result in billions of dollars in property damage and insurance claims. These wind events can cause considerable damage to a home and detached structures like garages or sheds. While there are many things you can do to help prevent wind damage to your home or additional structures, a homeowner’s insurance policy including hurricane coverage can protect you should your home or detached structure(s) be damaged.

Not only can windstorms and hurricanes damage roofs and walls, blown out windows can destroy personal property.

Common types of damage from windstorms and/or hurricanes that may be covered:

  • Roof and structure damage
  • Window cracks or breaks
  • Personal Property loss
  • Damage to other structures on your property

Does my home insurance policy cover me for hurricane damage?

Most do, but some don’t. If you see a hurricane deductible listed on your policy, this typically means you have hurricane coverage. Some properties in wind prone high-risk areas may have a separate wind coverage only policy. Additionally, depending on the type of home insurance you need (homeowners insurance, mobile home insurance, renters insurance or condo insurance) the policies and needs of each person are different.

What about my car? Is that covered?

We’ve all seen the pictures of the cars piled up after a hurricane hits, or crushed by falling trees or structures. You might be wondering if your car will be protected in the event of a hurricane. If you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, then your car would typically be protected for damage from wind, flood or failing objects during a hurricane. Because comprehensive insurance is an optional coverage for owned vehicles (leased or cars with a loan it is a required coverage), you should talk to your agent about whether or not this coverage is right for you.

Do I need hurricane insurance for my business?

Businesses can be affected by hurricanes in many ways. By talking to a licensed business insurance agent in our office, we can help you identify the right insurance coverage to protect your business from hurricane damage and the potential business interruption impacts that result.

Typically, with damage from a named hurricane, a homeowner would be responsible for a deductible (often between 2% and 5% of the dwelling coverage amount on your policy). Discounts for wind resistive devices may apply so be sure to have a lengthy discussion with your agent to decide what coverage you need and what coverages you may already have. We can easily provide you with a proposal for hurricane insurance with a quick and easy phone call. Call our office so we can better understand your needs and answer your questions about hurricane coverage in Florida.